ERMATIC® Machined Modular Solution


Engineered for excessive loads and frequent need for access

ERMATIC® Modular Machined Solutions by EJ are engineered to perform in tough environments where excessive loads and frequent need for access are par for the course. That encompasses a diversity of applications, including airports, ports, tunnels, water treatment and purification plants, manufacturing plants, stadiums and more.

Thanks to their modular design, ERMATIC Modular Solutions can be customized to accommodate underground structures of most any size. Side frames and end plates are easily assembled with bolts and aluminum joints.

ERMATIC Modular Solutions keep underground structures secure and workers safe.
They’re designed for easy handling, and feature ergonomically designed lift handles and optional assist lift covers.


  • Highly adaptable—covers fit larger openings and trenches of any length
  • Enhanced worker safety—ergonomically designed lift handles for easy opening
  • Designed to accommodate extreme wheel loads (Airport Extra Heavy Duty)
  • Ease of installation and accessQuiet—precisely machined surfaces fit tightly together reducing movement under traffic conditions
  • Protection against damage and debris for underground vaults/trenches
  • Unobstructed access—removable I-beams make accessing large trenches easy

Product Details

  • Multiple standard sizes (2’ x 2’ to 10’ x 17’), plus custom sizes
  • Load rated for pedestrian to airport1/2/3 locking modular covers with removable I-beam
  • Ergonomic lift handles
  • Water resistant
  • Security locking
  • Manufactured in our Picardie, France foundry

Wide range of options:

anti-skid coating, assist lift covers (hinged or spring-loaded strut), safety grates, safety railings, and cover options: solid cover with 4L® slip-resistant tread, recessed covers (for concrete infill or brick pavers) or covers with removable inner hatch/cover


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