EJ Caps off Australia's Largest Vacuum Cleaner

SunCentral - EJ Caps off Australia's Largest Vacuum Cleaner

An Australian First


AP4Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Council is well into constructing a 53 hectare, $21 million Australian pioneering venture in waste collection technology, with the installation of the Swedish developed, hi-tech Envac Waste System, as part of the extensive redevelopment of the City Centre - re-badged SunCentral Maroochydore. EJ, working hand-in-hand with one of the project’s developers, Shadforths Civil, has been charged with supplying a diverse range of access hatches and covers to complement the intricate workings of the Envac Waste System.

"The brilliant process that we've been through on this project meant we've had the joint consultative input to help bring this unique project to fruition". Ian Maddocks, National Sales Manager

Clean, Efficient, Effective

It works like this. Rather than using wheelie bins, waste will be transported from commercial buildings and apartments at up to 70 km/h through a 6.5km system of underground vacuum pipes located beneath the new SunCentral township. Each building in the new CBD will include at least three waste inlets – for organic, recyclable and general waste. Waste dropped into each inlet will be stored in a sealed compartment below ground until the vacuum pump is activated at the central waste facility, usually twice each day.

AP5The EJ Connection

Access points being a necessary feature of this system mean that EJ has had to source very specific types of hatches and covers from local EJ and its global foundries.

Amongst the more heavy-duty covers are the MAXIMO™ 800 from the French foundry and from the US, a hinged hatch with a clear opening of 1200mm x 1200mm. Also on this specification order were a number of locally manufactured Electrical Pit  tanless Steel Edged Covers. Stainless Steel Step Irons from UK completed this project’s checklist from EJ.

But that’s not all. A project of this enormous scope also covers sewerage, storm water and other electrical infrastructure, and hence EJ has been called upon to supply  ppropriate hatches and covers including 200+ Stainless Steel Edged Covers for Energex pits. EJ is proud to be associated with the Sunshine Coast Council’s Australia- First development using Envac, and also the partnership with Shadforths Civil, in bringing this amazingly advanced story to life.

EJ Dedicated 'airports & ports' team for asia pacific:

Our dedicated sales team is available throughout Australia and the Pacific region to assist local authorities, consultants and contractors during the specification, construction and operation phases. We are proud of our 135 years of experience and expertise across the ever-growing sector. EJ offers an extensive range of globally manufactured product to meet the unique demands of complex construction projects.



Shadforths Civil


Maroochydore, Queensland


1200mm x 12000mm Clear Opening
Hinged Hatch
Energex Stainless Steel Edged Covers
(LB210E SS 60)
LA60D Stormwater
Step Irons

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