Une commodité intégrée pour les applications de circulation involontaires de véhicules

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Combine ergonomics and security with the HINGECO frame and cover assembly.

The design of this cover allows it to pivot on the hinge and holds it at 120° to provide unobstructed access to the clear opening of the frame.

In combination with the slam lock, there is no need for multiple cam locks to secure the cover. One slam lock keeps the cover secured and can be unlocked with a standard pry bar.

Precasting the HINGECO frame and cover assemblies is made easy with the top flange version. By casting the assembly upside down, getting a smooth, flat surface is simplified during the pouring process.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Ductile iron frames and covers
  • Proof load exceeds AASHTO M 306
  • 40,000 lb requirement
  • Hinged cover opens to 120°
  • Cover locks in 90° open position, must be lifted to be released
  • Cover removes at 90°
  • Slam lock release feature, which automatically locks when closed


  • Round or square frames
  • Special lettered and custom logo covers
  • Cushioning gasket on bearing surfaces
  • Lift handle
  • Top flange available

Note: HINGECO is suggested for unintended vehicular traffic rated applications.

Important Safety Information
Complete removal of the cover is recommended when entering the access point.

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