Temporary Safety Cover


Solution composite qui contribue à la sécurité des zones de travail

A temporary safety cover is intended for short-term use. The cover can be placed over an open or unattended manhole structure. This prevents foreign debris and material from entering the open hole and protects pedestrian walk paths. They are a perfect solution during construction or maintenance projects and provide added security to the site. Composite safety covers are lightweight and portable. Maintenance vehicles can easily carry a "spare" cover. The durability and strength of the composite safety cover make it a better alternative to plywood coverings.


The covers are lightweight and have a handle for ease of carrying to the job site. The covers have two spike holes included to secure the cover from movement.


When manhole covers are stolen, cities often have to park a police vehicle over the dangerous opening. Instead of waiting for a replacement cover, a temporary safety cover can be used to secure the open hole until the utility can replace it with a permanent access cover.

Temporary safety covers are rated medium duty with a 20,000 lbs proof load test. Round and square covers are available in a wide range of diameters.

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