How's your driveability?


La información se presenta en Inglés. Una vez traducida, está se actualizará. Increase driveability and extend road life with SELFLEVEL valve box tops. Designed to prolong asphalt life by reducing cracking and reduce snow plow damage, the  SELFLEVEL valve box top is supported by and moves with the surrounding road surface. This allows it to remain flush with the road surface.

Lasting longer than traditional valve box risers in situations where there can be frost heave and natural road settling, this “floating” affect also helps prevent road damage and protects by dispersing traffic vibrations and shock throughout the road surface.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty 
  • Accommodates 2" through 12" valves
  • 4" clear opening
  • Frame fits with locking and non-locking
    6800 series lids
  • ASTM A48, Class 35B
  • 85% minimum recycled content
  • Made in USA



The valve box top stays level with the road surface, even when the road heaves due to extreme temperature changes or settling of the pavement. Pavement around the valve box stays smooth for years to come.


The SELFLEVEL valve box top is used with drop lid, bottom, and base to provide the complete solution for valve box access.

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