Linear Trench Grates

Increase water capture efficiency

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Water build up causes risk of erosion and hydroplaning. Our modern trench grates increase water capture efficiency to help with these safety and maintenance issues. With each site being unique, engineers at EJ can design a custom water management plan for your application. From 2" wide to 48" wide trench systems, we have you covered.

Trench grating can be ordered as standard, non-bolted units or as a bolted assembly. For your convenience, bolted grating and rail units are assembled in 24" length sections, using four stainless steel hex head bolts. Trench frames and accessories complete the product offering.

EJ offers linear trench drainage solutions for all load rating applications.

Heavy Duty Trench Drainage

Our most popular drainage system category, these grates are used on roads and highways. Our standard heavy duty grates and covers are suitable for general traffic service and AASHTO H20 loading conditions.

Airport and Extra Heavy Duty Trench Drainage

Designed for the heaviest loading applications, these grates and covers are made with ductile iron and are proof load tested to 200,000 pounds.

Designer and Pedestrian Trench Drainage

ADA compliant designer grates and light duty grates are designed for pedestrian areas. Designer trench grates offer standalone architectural enhancements or can accompany matching EJ tree grate designs. Many are rated for up to heavy duty use in case the area is ever subjected to heavy delivery vehicle traffic.

Fabricated Steel Trench Drainage

Custom designed solutions by our fabrication team, these grates can be used for on road and off road applications.

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