Unidades de acceso con bisagra cautiva


Keeps covers from being removed from their frame

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The captive hinge access assembly is an advanced solution that addresses present concerns in the market such as cover theft, ergonomics, safety, pressure relief, and security. Once a cover with a captive hinge pin is installed, the cover cannot be removed.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty
  • Gasketed
  • Opens to 120°
  • Safety catch at 90°
  • Hinge design allows for flood pressure relief — lid remains attached
  • Ductile iron frame and cover
  • MPIC® multi-tool pick bar
  • Patented hinge assembly
  • Non-slip surface


  • Drainage grates
  • Special lettered covers
  • Custom logos
  • Environmental messaging
  • Wireless remote monitoring
  • Security — Cam lock, bolting
  • Multiple frame openings and frame heights available
  • Captive hinge optional pin makes cover non-removable

Note: The Captive Hinge pin is not a requirement for the hinging function of this product.

Important Safety Information
If used without an installed pin, complete removal of the cover is recommended when entering the access point.

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