Composite Access Solutions

Strong, nonconductive, lightweight alternative to metal access covers

EJ has developed a full line of composite infrastructure products designed for utility and municipal applications. Composite products from EJ are an innovative new material application that complements our broad range of access solutions. Composite manhole covers and frames offer exceptional performance in the most challenging environments. These new cover and frame solutions are built to be extremely rugged, offer lighter handling, reliable performance and greater safety for end users.

Composite covers and frames fill the gap where traditional iron and steel covers would not fit the application. Covers made of composite material are non-corrosive so the material won't break down or change when subjected to aggressive environments such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), petrochemical, de-icing chemicals or salt water. Composite covers are non-conductive which means they will not transfer stray electrical voltage to any surface. Nonconductivity also means that the material greatly reduces the amount of heat that can transfer through the cover. This is a great fit for applications where pedestrians need to be protected from subsurface infrastructure. Another highly regarded feature of composite material is that has low interference with wireless communication signals. This makes it a great candidate for applications where wireless monitoring is wanted or required.

Additional benefits of composite covers are that they are ergonomically friendly and offer a natural deterrent to theft. From an ergonomic perspective, composites are lighter in weight than their iron counterparts and can promote safer handling and increased worker safety. Composites natural defense against theft comes from the fact that there is little to no scrap value in the material which makes it less than ideal for would-be thieves to steal.

Despite the unique characteristics of composite manhole covers and frames, there are a lot of similarities to traditional cast iron that make these products great alternatives for the right application. Composite covers have been proof load tested to AASHTO M306 and ASTM standards. Covers are available in a variety of load ratings to meet your specification requirements. Composite covers will also accept any number of existing pick slot options, locking/security solutions, special lettering and logos commonly featured on traditional cast iron products. Composite manhole covers and frames are available throughout major markets in North and South America and are available in clear openings ranging from 22"-36".

Highlights at a Glance:

Ergonomically Friendly
Standard composite covers weigh between 28 lbs (22" clear opening) and 75 lbs (36" clear opening). For areas that are frequently accessed, the reduced weight improves the ease of access and overall worker safety.

Theft Deterrent
The scrap value of traditional manhole covers make them an easy target for theft. Missing manhole covers cause real dangers for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, creating hazardous situations for a community. Since composite covers have no scrap value, they are not a target for thieves and are less likely to be stolen. Additional locking options are available for security purposes.

Composite products do not conduct electricity, which makes them a safe choice for electrical utilities and municipalities that may have stray voltage concerns. When the product is placed over steam manholes, heat transfer is reduced. This provides additional protection to pedestrians and utility workers.

No Signal Interference
Composite covers are constructed of advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic materials that offer little interference with the wireless communication signals. This is typically used in applications associated with water metering automation or electrical switching for smart grid technology.

Sizes for any Market
Covers are available with Clear Opening Diameters of 22", 24", 30" and 36" in a variety of load ratings from Light to Extra Heavy Duty.

Standard Features:

Heavy duty rated, Color: black, Shape: round, Stainless steel pick bar, Security locking: quarter turn paddle lock (mechanical latch), bolting, UV resistant


Load ratings–pedestrian to extra heavy duty, Shape: square or rectangular, Security locking–various levels, Pick bars, Special lettered covers, Custom logo cover, Wireless monitoring, Antenna/data transmission, Custom color matching, Custom diameters, Special machining, Flame retardant resin

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