Tree Grates With Removable Center Rings Facilitate Future Growth

Tree Grates in Georgetown, Delaware Allow for Tree Growth and Maximized Health

Protective tree grates were part of a downtown streetscape improvement project in Georgetown, DE. The Plaza style grates by EJ have removable center rings, a key feature to help the municipality plan for maintenance of the 18 new cherry and lilac trees planted along East Market Street near the Sussex County Courthouse.

Cast iron Plaza tree grate in front of Sussex County Courthouse in Georgetown, Delaware
Cast iron Plaza tree grate in front of Sussex County Courthouse 

As part of the Delaware Forest Service-funded project, Georgetown’s Department of Public Works removed the old trees, many of which were poorly adapted to the site or suffered from disease or signs of other environmental stress. Crews excavated the existing soil in the tree pits, replacing it with a special mix of topsoil and organic matter to help ensure survivability of the new trees.

Okame cherry trees and Japanese Ivory Silk lilac trees were used on this project because they are highly tolerant of urban site factors, and their projected mature size fits within site constraints. The tree grates will protect the trees by reducing compaction and allowing free circulation of air and water to the roots.

The removable center rings are a convenient way to accommodate for tree growth. As you plan ahead for plantings and tree pit maintenance of the streetscape, you can order your grate with one or more of the optional rings. Later, you may remove or swap out a ring to increase the size of the opening during a higher growth phase as the tree matures.

Removable cast iron tree grate center ring with bolts
Removable cast iron tree grate center ring with bolts

While Georgetown, DE selected the 4 x 4 feet tree grates, the Plaza design is also available in sizes up to 5 x 10 feet. Optional features include custom logos, light ports, security bolting, removable center rings, and end grates.

Tree grates by EJ are durable, functional, architecturally appealing, and promote healthy tree growth. They are ADA compliant and can help earn LEED® credits for recycled content and regional materials. Made in the USA meets American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements - please contact your Sales Representative for Buy America requirements prior to ordering.

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