DURALAST Detectable Warning Plates installed in Birmingham, Alabama

Staying True To Their Nickname as the “Steel City,” Birmingham, Alabama Installs DURALAST Detectable Warning Plates

Birmingham, Alabama is nicknamed the “Steel City” because of its historic involvement in the iron and steel industries. The city erected a statue of Vulcan, known as the god of fire and forge, to represent its dominance in these trades. Iron and steel are the heart and soul of Birmingham, and as a result, you could say the city has a certain loyalty to them.

When the City of Birmingham was looking to have detectable warning plates installed on their latest project, the general contractor was pushing plastic plates. These plates are inexpensive but crack and break over time, especially when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Because Birmingham has mild winters, they don’t have an environmental need for heavy duty, durable iron plates.


Knowing he was working with the “Steel City,” EJ Sales Representative, Matt Dickey, jumped on the idea to promote DURALAST® Detectable Warning Plates (DWPs). These iron plates would be the perfect addition to the city’s history.  

It is difficult to sell iron DWPs in areas that don’t deal with snow and ice, but the long-term durability is unmatched – with little to no maintenance. The city was looking for an option that kept their infrastructure aligned with its values, and EJ DWPs were the answer. 

“EJ detectable warning plates are installed on the City Walk project almost as far as the eye can see!” said Dickey.

With this project covering 31 acres, Dickey isn’t wrong.

The City Walk Project

Each of the 10 blocks of this project incorporates recreational themes. One block has a skate park with playgrounds and activity centers, while another features recreation sports spaces with turf fields and a walking track. The area incorporates art, dog parks, market spaces, performance spaces, water features, food trucks, gardens, and green spaces. The City Walk project turned out to be an expansive project that EJ was honored to be spec’d on.


The Purpose of the Plates

EJ DWPs are a long-term and low maintenance solution to maintain safety on the streets. These plates are produced from extremely durable, corrosion-resistant cast iron and help warn blind or visually impaired pedestrians of the approaching street.

This is the first time Birmingham installed EJ detectable warning plates. EJ cast iron manhole covers, linear drainage grates, and fabricated steel grates were also used in this project.

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